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Established Mathematical Library:

Our established library has got an extremely huge collection of mathematical books, some of which are very rare and expensive, not really available to students at ease. The academy library is equipped with more than a thousand extensively researched books. The library consists of a number of reference books from the primary level to P.G. level. Hundreds of thousands of Xerox copies of various notes from foreign magazines have also been collected since its inception.

A few of the golden rare collections that have become a part of the library:

a) The four volumes of ‘ The world of mathematics’
b) Leelavathi Ganitham
c) Pavuluri Ganitham
d) The lost note book of Ramanujan
e) The collected papers of Ramanujan
f) Wonderful collection of Number Theory
g) Life histories of worldwide mathematicians and their contributions
h) International mathematics Olympiad papers with solutions from 1959 still today.
i) Books related to mathematical culture and applications etc.

Prominent mathematicians of our country have time and again graced our library along with students from far and wide, who come to the place for their reference work. The academy’s founder president, Mr. K.V.V. Satyanarayana dreams of making the library, a giant mathematical point in the state.

Library opens for students for all levels from 5pm to 8pm every day.

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Ganithavahini Magazine

A library is that us updated frequently is always the most important and useful tool. With an aim to spread all aspects of knowledge in the field of mathematics to the students, the academy has brought out its own magazine, Ganithavahini, which is published quarterly.

The magazine connects students who aren’t able to reach the library, and has spread the roots of the academy far and wide through the country.

Presently, there are more than 1000 lifetime members, 100 institutional members who subscribe to the magazine. The first issue was released in the national conference of Association of mathematics teachers of India(A.M.T.I) in Rajamuhndry, in the month of January 2004.

A few important features of Ganithavahini are

a) Contains rare formulae for reference
b) A Dictionary of numbers
c) Non routine problems with clearly explained solutions
d) Essays and analysis of recently released mathematical concepts and so on.


Academy conducts orientation classes for both students and the teachers during holidays. The subject experts are invited for those classes and in depth discussions about the subject are held, based on the history and applications of mathematics. The following are a few of the topics on which the classes are conducted by the academy.

a) The first great theorem “ Pythagoras theorem “
b) Vedic mathematics.
c) Non – routine problems.
d) International mathematics Olympiad,Problems by Prof C.R. Pranechasar.
e) Recreations in mathematics by Prof N.Ch, Pattabhiramacharyulu.
f) Problems on Number Theory by Sri Devineni Jaganmohana Rao .